Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Section

  • Responsibilities
  1. Counseling and support for Farmer's Associations, farmers’ insurance, and counseling for the marketing of floricultural products.
  2. Agricultural status reports and management of farming land.
  3. Promoting agricultural produce, machinery, and tools as well as adjustments and utilization of paddy fields and other farmlands.
  4. Counseling for the rearing of herbivorous animals, vaccination, feed management, veterinary drugs management, and animal insurance.
  5. Counseling for the vaccination of hog and poultry farming.
  6. Illegal slaughtering, hygiene, registration for animal and poultry rearing, and registration and management of veterinarians.
  7. Prevention of plant diseases and pests, fertilizer management, pesticide management, and seed and seedling production management.
  8. Inspection and estimates to agricultural and forestry production and management of forestry affairs.
  9. Animal production as well as management of shelters for stray dogs and cats.
  • HR
Departmental chief: Tsai, Li-Lien
1 departmental staff
5 senior technicians
1 assistant technician
1 technician
1 janitor
3 contract-based staff
7 contractual staff
  • Contact number
(03)5216121 ext. 251 Departmental Chief
248 Lin, Chen-Wei
249 Lin,Hsiu-Ju
248Yang, Shu-Man
Hotline: (03)5234853
FAX: (03)5263564

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