Ecological Conservation Section

  • Responsibilities
  1. Volunteer workers for wildlife reservations and ecological conservation
  2. Enforcing prohibitions and slope reports as well as reviews and supervision of soil and water conservation plans.
  3. Ecological restoration and terrestrial soil and rock sampling of Keya Water Resources Recycling Center.
  4. Wildlife conservation and zoos.
  5. Counseling services for over limit usage of rare trees, green resources, and mountain slopes.
  • HR
Departmental chief: Chen, Lien-Chieh
1 departmental staff
1 senior technician
1 assistant technician
1 temporary staff
1 contractual staff
2 patrol officers
  • Contact number
TEL: (03)5216121 ext. 401 Departmental Chief Chen, Lien-Chieh
401 Hou, Jen-Chieh
480 Hsu, Pei-Wen
480 Chen, Hsiu-Nu
480 Wen, Chin-Man
530 Wang, Li-Chung
Helpline: (03)5242070
FAX: (03)5242070

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