Industry and Commerce Section

  • Responsibilities
  1. Commercial and industrial administration.
  2. Industrial and commercial registration and management affairs.
  3. Registration and management of public water subcontractors, electrical subcontractors, electrical technologists, and power using facilities.
  4. Gas stations, self-use oil storage devices, and petroleum administration.
  5. Public agency registration and management.
  6. Auditing and management of dance rooms and 9 other businesses as well as unregistered factories and product labeling.
  7. Northern Taiwan collaboration projects.
  8. Commercial districts, traditional local industries (rice vermicelli and pork meatballs), and establishment of park areas.
  9. Material resource surveys and mobilization.
  10. Advocacy of the Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Trade Act.
  11. Registration of management of public natural gas pipeline installation service providers.
  12. Innovation research programs for local industries in Hsinchu City (local SBIR)
  13. Foundational loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hsinchu City.
  • HR
Departmental Chief: Chao, Shu-Chin
7 departmental staff
3 administrative staff
6 contractual staff
1 janitor
  • Contact number
TEL: (03)5216121 ext. 253 Departmental chief
255 Chang, You-Chia
255 Hsieh, Ya-Fang
255 Lin, Chun-I
254 Tai, Chun-Lin
255 Chang, Chih-Wei
254 Chuang, Mei-Li
256 Huang, Chien-Chen
257 Chen, Chien-Chung
257 Chen, Ming-Chuan
256 Huang Tse-Yu
Helpline: (03)5259003
FAX: (03)5260284

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